Ooty Tours

 Ooty at its best

Ooty, said to be Scotland of the east , this slice of paradise remained unknown to the great southern dynasties and it took the British to discover it in the early 1800s a  popular summer and weekend getaway for the British  during the colonialdays. Which stands 7,349 feet above sea level in the Nilgiris, They were, and however, not the first inhabitants of this land as a tribe called Todas had been living there long before the British came, claiming that the Nilgiris had been their home since time immemorial. But the credit for modernising Udhagamandalam and making it accessible goes to the British who constructed the first railway line in the area and made it the summer capital of the Madras Presidency.
Even today there is a British influences on the life styles which can be seen in its little cottages, colorful gardens, winding lanes,, Old Churches, Botanical gardens, and the lake surrounded by the eucalyptus, the club where the snooker was invented by a Subaltern named Nevilli Chamberlain, the Niligiri Library with its rare and valuable collection of books on Ooty and St.  Stephen’ Church which was Udhagamandalam’s first church.

Respite from the dust and pollution of the city but also give people a chance to see the undefiled beauty of nature. The green hills, the cascading waterfalls and sparkling brooks,lofty mountains , dence forest , acres and acres of tea estates are green feast for the eyes  , green-cloaked valleys, mysterious gorges, colonial  and much more. Nilgiri is India's first biosphere. It has been declared as one of the 14 'hotspots' of the world because of its unique bio-diversity. Nilgiri presents a truly breath taking kaleidoscope of visual treats and soul stirring experience.


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